Higher Education

Find out about further education in the Philippines and how to apply to go to college or university...

After completing secondary studies, students can go on to study at further educations institutions in the Philippines. They can choose between colleges and universities, which are either public or private. Although tuition fees at state-run colleges and universities are very low in comparison to western countries, they often suffer from poor funding and are not generally considered as good as the private institutions.

The majority of colleges and universities in the Philippines are supervised and controlled by the Commission on Higher Education.

Foreign students

Many of the foreign students in the Philippines are from Korea, China and Taiwan, although there is an increasing number of Americans. Lower tuition fees than in other countries and the possibility to study in English are some of the main factors in the decision to study in the Philippines. Some of the main subjects that foreigners choose to study are medical-related subjects, as well as accounting and business.

Foreign nationals will need a visa in order to undertake studies at colleges and universities in the Philippines.