International Schools

Find out about internationals schools in the Philippines, with information about enrolment procedures and types of school available...

International schools in the Philippines are mostly located in the bigger cities such as Metro Manila or Cebu. For families living in Manila, it is highly advisable to choose a school that is as close to the home or workplace as possible, as traffic is extremely heavy in the city, and it can take over an hour to drive just a few kilometres.


Most international schools follow the curriculum of the students’ home country, with subjects being taught in their native language. Some schools offer the International Baccalaureate programme. As well as schools that have an American or English curriculum or where the teaching language is English, there are many other international schools for foreign families, where education is provided in French, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.


For enrolment procedures, contact the relevant school, requirements may vary from one school to another. In most cases, report cards will be required as well as passport and visa for the child and parents, and an employment certificate of one of the parents. If the parent's employer is to pay tuition fees a letter of guarantee confirming this is likely to be requested. A Certificate of Undertaking may also be necessary, if the parent/s’ company is responsible for acquiring the appropriate visas for the parent/s and their dependents.

For some international schools, children will have to sit a test before qualifying for entry, other schools may accept an evaluation or recommendation from the previous school.


Tuition fees vary from school to school and can be high. If the employer is contributing to the costs of tuition, this may be less of a problem, but for some parents paying out of their own pocket, it is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a school. There may be waiting lists for the international schools. Check admissions well in advance where possible to find a place in a suitable school.

Finding an international school