Living With Teenagers

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Youth Organizations

For foreign nationals, there are usually school holiday programs and activities set up by the international and private schools.

The International Youth Council (IYC) Philippines is a civil organization founded at the United Nations Youth Assembly in 2007. It is dedicated to giving young people aged 15 to 30 across the world both a collective voice and a means to support global sustainable development. The IYC’s mission is to provide educational resources, leadership opportunities, and a global network. The IYC assists young leaders in developing entrepreneurial projects and campaigns to support sustainable development projects at a local, regional, and international level. It is also the official network of the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations.

The National Youth Commission (NYC) is the government agency for all youth-related institutions, programs, projects and activities.

For information on what the NYC offers, contact:

  • National Youth Commission
    At: 3/F West Insula Building, West Avenue, Quezon City
    Tel: 02 448 7330

There are many volunteering opportunities for youngsters in the Philippines.