Hospitals and Health Centers

Information about healthcare facilities provided by public and private hospitals in the Philippines...

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers in the Philippines often offer high-quality medical care. But the quality of the services or facilities may not be on a par with those of Western or European healthcare facilities. Private hospitals can be found in most of the big cities in the Philippines.

Most of the government hospitals in the Philippines offer quality healthcare services and similar to that offered by private hospitals. The facilities and technologies offered however, vary greatly between private and public hospitals.

Finding a Doctor

The best way to find a doctor is to ask for recommendations from friends, co-workers or neighbors. Embassies and consulates can also provide a list of doctors. Private health insurance providers generally provide details of the hospitals and doctors covered by a member's insurance plan in their place of residence.

Primary Health Care

Primary care services are offered by local government units (LGU) and provided by both the public and private sector. These health care services are provided by barangay health workers, volunteer community health workers, midwives, doctors, nurses and nutritionists.

The primary health care centers focus on preventive medicine such as immunization programs and health and nutrition advice. In addition they provide family planning services, treatment for minor illnesses and accidents. Services also include prenatal and postnatal care, maternity and laboratory services.

Health professionals in the private sector provide primary health care in private clinics, often located within hospitals, and group practice clinics or polyclinics. All consultations and treatments must be paid for.

Hospitals and Clinics

In-patient care is available in both public and private health care facilities. Private clinics and hospitals are generally equipped with more sophisticated and advanced medical facilities. Free services are provided within government facilities.

In the Philippines, many medical specialists conduct private practice in their clinics located in either public or private hospitals. They usually refer their patients to the hospital where they are affiliated. Specialists charge more for outpatient consultations in private hospitals. Paying patients can usually go to their specialist of choice.

English-speaking Doctors in the Philippines

Most Filipinos speak and understand the English language, and this is especially the case in the medical profession. It is not difficult to find a doctor or nurse who can assist foreign patients.