Termination of Pregnancy and Abortion in the Philippines

Information on who to contact and how to proceed in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. Also information on family planning clinics and emergency contraception in the Philippines...

Abortion in the Philippines is illegal. The only exception to this is to save the pregnant woman’s life. There are penalties for illegal abortion for both the mother and the person carrying out the abortion.

If an abortion is necessary to save the woman’s life, authorization must be given after consultation with a panel of health professionals.

Family Planning and Contraception

Family planning counseling is available and may be provided as part of the Maternal Health Program by the Department of Health (DOH). The family planning counseling covers information on the right choice of family planning methods.

Family Planning Organization of the Philippines: Provides family planning and reproductive health care services.

  • At: #50 Doña Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City
    Tel: 02 722 6466