Giving Birth in the Philippines

Find out about the hospitals and facilities available when giving birth in the Philippines...

The Department of Health (DOH) highly recommends that women give birth within healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics.

The birth can take place at a private or government hospital depending on the choice of the parents-to-be. Most obstetricians hold office in a hospital or can recommend a specific hospital or clinic for the mother-to-be. Hospitals and clinics in the Philippines usually provide maternity packages. Doctors can also recommend child birth classes (prenatal classes) for the parents to be. If the father wants to accompany the mother in the labor room, a certificate is required stating that he attended a childbirth preparation class.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a hospital and doctor which include the hospital location, the gynaecologist's/obstetrician's availability, pregnancy and post-natal check-ups and the pediatric care available within the hospital or clinic.

The following documents and information and documents are often required to facilitate the admission of the mother-to-be at the hospital or clinic for the birth itself.

  • Childbirth class certificate (so that the father-to-be is allowed in the labor room)
  • Medical information sheet
  • PhilHealth paperwork for partial reimbursement of medical costs, and/or private health insurance details
  • Marriage certificate, if applicable
  • SSS ID

The obstetrician is usually present for the birth. Some hospitals allow the father or other support persons, such as a doula, depending on the type of birth the mother-to-be prefers. In other health care centers, in addition to doctors, there are licensed midwives who help the mother-to-be during child birth.

Water Birth

St. Luke’s Medical Center in Metro Manila has facilities for water births.

  • At: Rizal Drive corner 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
    Tel: 02 789 7700

Home birth

Home births are common among Filipino women who do not have the means to give birth in a hospital or clinic due to geography and resources. There are no clear provisions, guidelines or laws on home birth in the Philippines.