Moving House

Essential tasks to carry out before moving house in the Philippines, from letting relevant authorities know of your change of address to arranging mail forwarding…

Residence Permits

When a foreign national moves to a new house, it is important that they update the residence address with the Bureau of Immigration. This applies whether the foreign national is a holder of an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

This can be done by visiting the main office, applying online, or by calling the hotline:

It is also advisable to inform the embassy or consulate of the new home address.


When moving to another house, all utilities must be cancelled, or cancellation arranged, as soon as the moving date is known. Some utilities may allow the contract or account to be retained by merely changing the address. It is best to speak directly to the utility company to find out the advantages and disadvantages of this. Bear in mind also that some of these utilities have a binding “lock-in” or minimum number of months for which the contract applies, so check the agreements made with the utility company.

When applying for a new utility, note that there are also lead times before it can be processed or connected to the new house. It is best to apply in advance for a new connection before the current utility contract is terminated.

  • Find information on setting up or disconnecting the electricity supply


Only the owner of a residential property may apply for a new water service connection, or to have a water service disconnected. This can only be done at the relevant Business Centre.

  • Find further information about getting the water supply connected


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the primary gas used for cooking in the Philippines. It is bought and delivered in cylinder tanks from the distributors.

A list of distribution outlets can be found at the following links:

Cable / Satellite TV

To apply for a new connection from the companies below, simply contact them via the following:

Telephone and Internet

To apply for a new connection from the companies below, simply contact them via the following:

Cancelling other subscriptions

Make a list of all other mail, magazine subscriptions, etc, received at the current/old address. These may include newsletters, statements from credit cards/insurance companies/membership clubs, and other regular mail. All of these companies should be informed within 30 to 60 days prior to moving out.

It is best to leave a copy of the new address for the new occupant of the old house, so that any mail or parcels that are delivered to the old address may be forwarded to the new address.

Home Insurance

If an insurance policy was taken out for the current/old house, it remains valid within the one-year term of the insurance. This means a new house insurance policy must be taken out for the new house.

Updating of identification card information

It is not necessary to update the address information in documents with ID (such as a driving licence) immediately. Normally, these can be updated when they are due for renewal.

Other institutions to inform of the new address are:

  • Banks: contact the account officer at the branch
  • Employer/company
  • School of child/children (if any): If a child or children need to transfer schools, this should be done with the least amount of disruption for the child. If possible, allow the child to finish the current school year before transferring to the new school.An official transcript of records should be obtained from the registrar of the old school; fFollow the admissions procedure for the new school


There is no need send updated information to the Philippines Post Office. However, it is important to take note of the complete new address of the new house, including the area zip code, and advise all utility companies, so that delivery of mail and parcels can continue without disruption.