Post Codes and the Postal System in the Philippines

Information on sending and receiving letters and parcels, mail services, finding a Philippines postal/ZIP code and how to write addresses in the Philippines...

Postal services in the Philippines are operated by the state-owned company, Philippines Postal Corporation, PHLPost. The website has information about their products and services, mail services and post office locations.

Post Offices

There are over 2,000 post offices in the Philippines. The main office is the Manila Central Post Office.

Postal/ZIP Codes

Postal codes in the Philippines are made up of four digits. The first two digits represent a town or city, or in the case of Metro Manila, the district, or barangay within the city.

Addresses in the Philippines

When writing addresses on letters and packages, the sender should include the recipient's name, unit or building number, street address, barangay (or district if within Manila), the city or municipality and the post code and province. It is not necessary to include the province within Metro Manila. Include the country name if sending mail from abroad

For example:

  • NAME
    Unit 3, Eastwood Avenue
    Bagumbayan, Quezon City
    1135 Metro Manila

Outside Manila:

  • NAME
    BM Road
    San Manuel, Palawan
    5300 Puerto Princesa

Mail Services

Specific rates apply when sending domestic and international mail.

Receiving parcels and packages from abroad

All parcels and packages sent to the Philippines have to go through customs clearance. Once a package has arrived a notice is delivered to the receiver who must then go and collect it from the nearest Post office. Proof of identity is required when collecting the item, and a fee has to be paid.