Getting Online: Internet in the Philippines

Find about the Internet options available to you in your home in the Philippines...

Internet connection is available just about everywhere in the Philippines except in very remote areas. Free WiFi connection is available in many locations in Metro Manila, especially in shopping malls, restaurants and bars.

Most landline and mobile telephone companies offer packages that include Internet services. There are also local cable television providers that offer internet services.

Internet charges and installation fees vary depending on the products and services included in the contract.

Before applying for an Internet connection, it is important to check which Internet service providers are available in the area.

The requirements when applying for an Internet service include the following:

  • Valid ID (for example, passport or Alien Certificate of Registration [ACR])
  • Proof of billing address
  • Copy of rental contract, if the user is renting the property
Internet Providers in the Philippines
  • PLDT Home
    • 02 888 8171 (from a non-PLDT Landline)
    • 171 (from a PLDT Landline)
  • BayanPhone
    • 052 480 9999
    • 171 (from any BayanPhone or Bayan Wireless Landline)