Getting Connected to Landlines in the Philippines

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in the Philippines...

Both landline and mobile telephone systems are available in the Philippines; however, landline telephone is not as widely used a mobile phones. Most telephone companies offer bundled packages that include landline, Internet and mobile services, and television.

Landline Telephones

There are three major telephone providers In the Philippines. The rates for installation and monthly rental vary depending on the plan or the products included in the package.

  • PLDT Home
    • 02 888 8171 (from a non-PLDT Landline)
    • 171 (from a PLDT Landline)
  • Globe Home Landline
    • 02 730 1000
    • 211 (Global mobile phone)
  • BayanPhone
    • 052 480 9999
    • 171 (from any BayanPhone or Bayan Wireless Landline)

Getting a landline Telephone installed

The following documents are required when applying to have a telephone service installed:

  • Proof of billing such as a utilities bill
  • Passport or any valid form of ID
  • Proof of capacity to pay, such as a bank statement or income tax return

Installation can take from three days to a week. It is advisable to contact customer services to enquire about fees and installation procedures, as these can vary. The customer service representatives are all fluent in English.

A monthly billing statement is provided and can be paid by direct debit, online, at the telephone provider’s business center, banks and payment centers.