Television in the Philippines

Find out about digital television broadcasts and TV standards in the Philippines, and discover what's available on TV in the Philippines...

The Philippines is in the process of transitioning from analog television to digital television (DTT). However, digital television broadcasts can be received through cable TV or direct broadcast satellite. Until the complete digital switchover in the Philippines (planned for 2019), the transmission standard is NTSC. A television which does not have NTSC compatibility will not receive signals in the Philippines.

Television is deployed in the Philippines in three ways:

Free-to-air television networks refer to content provided by TV channels and broadcasters without any subscription. These channels may also be delivered by another carrier such as cable, satellite or the internet.

The major free-to-air networks are:

The television shows produced by these networks are mostly in Filipino, but there are news programs and shows that are in English.

Cable TV in the Philippines

Most homes in the Philippines are connected to cable TV with more than 100 television channels available. English-language news (CNN, BBC), lifestyle (HGTV, Food Network) and a variety of sports programs (Eurosport) are available in the Philippines. There are also channels from China, South Korea and Japan.

There are a number of cable companies in the Philippines, including:

Monthly charges vary depending on the plan that the user signs up for. Installation fees also vary.

Satellite TV in the Philippines

There is a growing number of households that use satellite TV. With the permission of the landlord in the rental property, a satellite dish can be installed in the property.

The major satellite TV companies in the Philippines are:

Monthly charges vary depending on the subscription package. Installation fees may also vary.

Subscribing to a package

To apply for satellite TV or Cable TV packages in the Philippines, these documents are required:

  • Valid ID (for example a passport, or driver’s license)
  • Proof of address (for example a recent utility bill)
  • Proof of income (for example a Certificate of employment)
TV License Fees

There are no television license fees in the Philippines.