Desserts and Drinks

Find out about the different desserts, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that you can findare common in the Philippines...

There are a variety of desserts and sweet snacks available in the Philippines. Below are some of the sweets, cakes and puddings that you may find there.

  • Bibingka – Rice cake traditionally eaten during the Christmas season
  • Espasol – Rice cake made with coconut milk and sweetened coconut strips
  • Halo-Halo – Mixed fruit dessert with shaved ice and evaporated milk
  • Ice candy – Frozen treat made with evaporated milk served in long thin plastic packaging
  • Ice scramble – Crushed ice and condensed milk
  • Kalamay – Sticky rice, coconut milk and brown sugar cake
  • Kutsinta – Sweet steamed rice cake
  • Leche flan – Crème caramel variant with custard and syrup
  • Maja Blanca – Coconut pudding made with coconut milk and corn starch
  • Maruya – Banana fritters
  • Palitow – Sweet rice cake
  • Sapin-sapin – Layered rice flour and coconut milk dessert
  • Sorbetes – Ice cream / sorbet that comes in a variety of flavors including cheese and durian
  • Suman – Rice cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in sugar-sprinkled leaves
  • Taho – Sweet tofu dessert with sugar syrup and sago pearls


Refreshing drinks to combat the heat and humidity of the country are plentiful, with many fruit juices available. A few examples of these juices and other drinks can be found below:

Non-alcoholic drinks

  • Buko (juice) – A straw is inserted into the top of a coconut
  • Calamansi (juice) – Calamansi lemons combined with honey or sugar
  • Dalanghita (juice) – Green mandarin juice
  • Green mango shake – Green mango flesh blended with syrup
  • Guyabano (juice) – Soursop juice (similar to custard apple)
  • Kapeng barako – Drink made with coffee beans
  • Pandan iced tea – Tea from pandan leaves and lemon grass
  • Pina (juice) - Pineapple juice
  • Sago't Gulaman - Made from syrup, tapioca balls and gelatin
  • Salabat – Ginger tea served hot or cold
  • Suhu – Pomelo juice
  • Tsokolate – Thick hot chocolate drink
  • Zago – Shake available in a variety of flavors

Alcoholic drinks

Many alcoholic drinks imported from abroad can be found, with a wide variety of foreign beers available. There are some local alcoholic drinks such as Ginebra, which is a local gin.

Other local alcoholic drinks include tuba, a cooked and fermented coconut tree sap, and lambano, a strong coconut wine distilled from tuba.