Traveling with Pets

Find out about traveling to the Philippines with pets or traveling by bus within the Philippines...

Before booking a flight to the Philippines, check pet travel policies and requirements with the airline.

In general, airlines follow the following policies:

  • Pets may enter as passengers’ checked baggage. Any animal must be accompanied by a passenger at least 12 years of age
  • For very large or unaccompanied animals, or animals other than cats or dogs, air cargo service is available
  • The crate provided by the owner must be one size larger than normally required, must be in good condition and must provide ample room for the animal to stand up and turn around
  • Only medically certified dogs are allowed to travel as checked baggage in the cabin.
Domestic Air Travel with Pets in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Philippine Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific and Air Philippines all fly live animals.Call the airline before booking and inquire if the flight chosen can accommodate live animals on board with the passenger. If they allow it, inform the airline of the kind, size and number of animals to be transported. Find out from the airline where the pet is to be offloaded at the destination (for example, the conveyor belt in the arrivals section of the destination terminal, or the cargo building at the destination airport). Make sure to agree the arrangements for collecting the pet after the flight.

Dogs and cats must be placed in crates (hard shell or wire). The owner is responsible for making sure the crate is in good condition. Provide the proper leash and collar and name tag for the pet.

Pets may be checked in at the cargo building at the old domestic airport in Manila, or at the passenger terminal check-in counter. Fees are higher when the pet is checked in at the passenger terminal. The animal/pet may stay with its owner before going to the pre-departure area. Once the owner proceeds to the pre-departure area, the pet must be handed over to the cargo agent who ensures the pet is taken directly to the plane at loading time.

On arrival, collect luggage before claiming the pet. It is necessary to provide the necessary ID and documents when claiming the pet.

Domestic Travel by Bus

Contact the bus company and find out their policies relating to the carriage of animals and find out where pets/animals are placed during the ride.

The owner may request that their pet stays inside the bus with them, unless the bus provides a well-ventilated area and safe area with the luggage for the pet. If the bus has a place for pets, ensure the safety and health of the pet by checking the condition of the luggage area.

The owner may need to purchase two tickets in order to secure extra space for their pet inside the bus and provide the proper leash and collar and name tag for the pet. Keep the pet on a leash at all times.

Vaccination records must be carried by the owner at all times.