Bus and Coach Travel in Philippines

Information on getting around the country using the bus and coach networks...

For traveling long distances on the larger islands in the Philippines, buses are a cheap and practical option.

Most long-distance buses are staffed by a driver and conductor. The conductor handles the fares, issues tickets and is responsible for filling the bus. Buses will often wait until nearing capacity before embarking on their journey.

There are depots and stops in most towns and outlying country areas. Buses will stop if flagged down. Large towns have bus terminals where tickets can be purchased in advance.

Night services are only available on routes running solely on tarmacked roads.

PHBUS Travel is a useful resource to find bus routes and schedules in the Philippines.


In city areas the classic Jeepney is a popular form of transport. Originally built from left-over Jeeps from the US army, the vehicles have been modified over the years to carry passengers on bench seats in the back. They are elaborately and uniquely decorated and have become part of Filipino culture.

They can be found at designated stands and their routes are printed on the side and/or under the windscreen. They can be flagged down much in the same way as taxis.