Sexual Health and Teen Pregnancy

Find out about Portugal's attitude to counselling and teenagers’ health and pregnancy...

The Youth Institute (IPJ) runs special family planning and youth sexual health centres in its regional branches nationwide. Called Offices for Support on Juvenile Sexual Help (Gabinetes de Apoio à Saúde e Sexualidade Juvenil), they give information, advice, and medical support in the areas of youth sexual health and family planning. No appointment is needed, but users should enquire about opening times locally.

  • For local contact details see the IPJ website (in Portuguese)


In Portugal, the strict abortion laws changed in 2007 after a referendum. The law permits abortion under the following circumstances:

  • Up to 10 weeks of pregnancy at the request of the woman independent of the reasons. This can be carried out in either public or private licensed health institutions
  • If the pregnancy might be life-threatening or cause serious physical or mental health problems for the woman, up to 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • If the foetus is suffering from a serious illness or birth defect, up to 24 weeks of pregnancy
  • If the pregnancy is the result of a sexual crime (a rape for instance), up to 16 weeks of pregnancy