The Marriage Ceremony

Understand the different types of marriage ceremony available to couples marrying in Portugal...

Once the couple receives approval to get married, the marriage must take place within three months. Civil weddings take place at the Civil Registry Office (Conservatória do Registo Civil) for the fiancé's place of residence and must be booked at least one month before the celebration is to take place. The marriage is conducted in Portuguese in the presence of at least two and at the most four witnesses. Once the wedding has taken place the couple will receive a marriage certificate (certidão do casamento).

Roman Catholic ceremonies

Roman Catholic weddings can take place in any church that is licenced for marriage. A Roman Catholic marriage does not require a civil ceremony. Documents required will include those above (aside from divorce documents) as well as baptism, first communion and confirmation certificates.

Religious ceremonies for all other churches and faiths must be preceded by a civil ceremony and the marriage certificate should be made available. Arrangements for the service can be made directly with the local clergyman, Rabbi or Mullah.