Support Groups in the Algarve

English-speaking support groups and meetings in the Algarve for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), support for those who are HIV positive, cancer support meetings and more...

Below you will find information on the various support organisations and helplines in the Algarve. While some have English-speaking staff and volunteers, there is no guarantee that English will be spoken.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous (Alcoólicos Anónimos) in Portugal has a website with a list of all the meetings throughout the country. Some of the meetings are in English.

For information on local meetings contact:

Drug Abuse

The Portuguese Association for Drug Addicts Anonymous (Associação Portuguesa de Narcóticos Anónimos) provides addicts with both support groups and recovery programmes in the Algarve region.

The Serviço de Prevenção e Tratamento da Toxicodependência (SPTT) provides free and confidential consultations and runs recovery centres throughout the country.


There is an HIV advice and test centre located in Faro known as the CAD ( Center for Counseling and Early Detection of HIV / AIDS Infection)

  • Faro Centro de Aconselhamento e Detecção VIH
    : Rua Brites de Almeida 6-3º Esq
    Open: Monday-Friday 09:30-16:00
    Tel: 289 812 528

Stop Smoking Support

  • Stop Smoking helpline (SOS-Deixar de Fumar) Tel: 808 208 888 (Monday to Friday 13:00-21:00)

Cancer Support

The Algarve Oncology Association offers cancer care and support to sufferers in the Algarve region. It provides patient care, support groups, and advice to the patient and their family.

  • Associação Oncologica do Algarve (Barlavento Delegation)
    : Urbanização do Pimentão, Bloco 2/A Cave, 8500, Três Bicos, Portimão
    Appointments only
    Tel: 282 412 234
  • Associação Oncologica do Algarve (Faro)
    : Largo das Mouras Velhas 16, 8000-139 Faro
    Tel: 289 807 531
  • Open: Monday-Friday 10:00-12:30 and 14:30-18:30

The Portuguese Anti-Cancer League (Liga Portuguesa contra o Cancro) provides assistance, advice, and support for cancer sufferers and their families and can provide family and group therapies. It has palliative care programmes and units and runs support groups in the Algarve region.

Mental Health

SOS Voz Amiga is a helpline for the depressed, lonely, suicidal, and anxious and is organised by the Portuguese Suicide Society (Sociedade Portuguesa de Suicidologia).

  • SOS Voz Amiga - Tel: 800 202 669 / 213 544 545

The Association for Depression and Bipolar Disease (Associação de Apoio aos Doentes Depressivos e Bipolares, ADEP) provides support to people with mental illness across Portugal. There are self-help groups held in the Algarve area at the department of psychiatry in Espirito Santo Hospital.

Family Support

The Portuguese Association for Families Anonymous (Associação Portuguesa de Famílias Anónimas, APFA) deals with all problems affecting families from drug and sexual abuse to sexuality problems.

SOS Missing Children is a helpline providing support and information for parents of missing children. The helpline operates in ten countries in Europe and is available 24/7.

Children's Support

The Portuguese Provedor de Justiça provides help and advice for children in need and can assist with legal matters and with contacting the relevant social services. Contact can be made via free telephone.

  • Recados da Criança
    Tel: 800 206 656
    Open: Monday to Friday 09:30-17:30

The Institute of Help for Children (Instituto de Apoio à Criança) focuses on protecting and defending children and promoting children's rights.

Support for the Elderly

The Portuguese Provedor de Justiça has a helpline (Linha do Cidadão Idoso) for the elderly which deals with questions concerning health, housing, ill-treatment, and social services.

Women's Support Groups

The SOS Mulher helpline provides information, support, and guidance for women at risk.

  • SOS Mulher
    : 296  629 757

SOS VIDA is an organisation that provides support to pregnant women. It is based in Faro with two temporary women's homes in Portimão and Alcantarilha.

  • Contact: Pe. Jerónimo Gomes
    At: Rua da Saúde 4, 8000 Faro
    Tel: 289 812 812 (open 24 hours) 96-242 37 14, 93-808 2597, 91-693 55 35

Victim Support

  • Victim Line Tel: 707 200 077
    Open: Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00

Established in 1990, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vitima, APAV) provides assistance and protection to victims of abuse, violence, and crime.

There are several Victim Support Offices (Gabinetes de Apoio à Vítima, GAV) in the Algarve region.

  • GAV Albufeira (Posto de GNR de Albufeira)
    At: Av. 25 Abril 22, 8200-014 Albufeira
    Tel: 289 585 770
  • GAV Faro (Governo Civil de Faro)
    AtRua José de Matos, 14-A, 1st Floor, 8000 - 504 Faro 
    Tel: 289 820 788
  • GAV Loulé (Posto de GNR de Loulé)
    At: Travessa Charles Bonnett, 8100 Loulé
    Tel: 289 422 832
  • GAV Portimão (Esquadra de Portimão de PSP)
    At: Avenida Miguel Bombarda, 8500-299 Portimão
    Tel: 282 484 407
  • GAV Tavira (Esquadra de Tavira da PSP)
    AtRua de Santa Margarida, 2, 8800 - 500 Tavira
    Tel: 281 381 134