Emergency Numbers in Portugal

Who to contact in an emergency in Portugal...

In case of an accident or emergency, it is important to know who to contact and what to say.

NB: In most Portuguese towns and cities, a list of local numbers to call in case of an emergency are posted in places like children's playgrounds and other public areas.

National Emergency Services Telephone
Medical emergency (ambulância) 112
Police - (polícia) including Local Police (Guarda Nacional Republicana, GNR) and Security Police (Polícia Segurança Publica, PSP) 112
Fire Rescue
Health line for emergencies available 24/7 808 242 424
Forest Fires 117
Sea Rescue (Centro de Busca e Salvamento Marítimo) Lisbon 214 401 919
Maritime Police (plus pick-up boat service) Lisbon 210 911 100
Pan-European emergency number 112

European SOS 112

Pan-European emergency number: calls to 112 are free from any phone (mobile or cellular or fixed-line). The operator will put you in contact with the emergency service that you require including medical, fire and police. It can be used for any life-threatening situation, including:

  • Serious medical problems (accident, unconscious person, severe injuries, chest pain, seizure)
  • Any type of fire (house, car)
  • Life-threatening situations (crimes)
  • SOS 112 website

Crisis and Help Lines

Note: there is no guarantee that English will be spoken by staff and volunteers manning the helplines listed below.

Service Telephone
Drug Abuse Support (Linha VIDA-SOS Drogas)
Mondays to Fridays 10:00-18:00
Tel: 1414
Talk-Line weekdays;17:30-21:30
Tel: 800 201 040

Child Abuse: SOS Criança Line open 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00
SOS Criança

Tel: 800 210-555
Tel: 213 618 880

Women Abuse (SOS Mulher) Commission for Equality & Women's Rights (Comissão para a Igualdade a para os Direitos das Mulheres) Tel: 800 202 148
: 239 832 073
Suicide/Crisis Line (SOS Voz Amiga) Tel: 213 544 545
Tel: 912 802 669
: 963 524 660
Red Cross Ambulances (Ambulâncias) Tel: 213 913 100
Red Cross Hospitals (Hospitais) Tel: 217 714 000
Anti-Poison (Intoxicações) Tel: 800 250 250
Pharmacy/Chemist On Duty Website
Portuguese Anti-Alcohol Society: (Sociedade Anti-Alcoólica Portuguesa)
Line open Mondays to Fridays 09:30-18:00
Tel: 213 571 483
Alcoholics Anonymous: (Alcoólicos Anónimos) Tel: 217 162 969
Cancer Help Line: (Linha Contra o Cancro)
Line open Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00)
Tel: 808 255 255
SOS Children: Child abuse (SOS - Criança)
Line open 09:30-18:30
Tel: 800 202 651
Tel: 217 931 617
Child Helpline: (Linha Verde Recados da Criança)
Line open Monday to Friday 09:30-17:30
Tel: 800 206 656
Disability Helpline: (Linha Directa Cidadão/Deficiência) Tel: 217 959 545
Narcotics Anonymous Portuguese Association for Drug Addicts Anonymous (Associação Portuguesa de Narcóticos Anónimos) Tel: 219 477 970
Elderly Helpline: (Linha do Cidadão Idoso)
Line open Monday to Friday 09:30-17:30
Tel: 800 203 531
Family Lines: (family problems/abuse) (Associação Portuguesa de Famílias Anónimas - APFA)

Tel: 214 538 709


HIV/AIDS Support Group: (Abraço) Tel: 217 997 500
Pregnancy Helpline: (SOS-Grávida) Tel: 808 201 139
Tel: 213 862 020
Health 24 (24 hour public health assistance service): Tel: 808 24 24 24
Red Cross: Tel: 213 913 900
Sexuality Helpline: (Sexualidade em Linha Aconselhamento e Orientação) Tel: 808 222 003
Stop Smoking: (SOS-Deixar de Fumar)
Line open Monday to Friday 13:00-21:00
Tel: 808 208 888
Victim Support Line: (Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vitima)
Line open Monday to Friday 10:00-13-00, 14:00-17:30
Tel: 116 006
Women Abuse: Commission for Equality & Women's Rights (Comissão para a Igualdade a para os Direitos das Mulheres) Tel: 800 202 148

Glossary of Emergency Terms and Phrases

English Portuguese
I have had an accident eu teve um acidente
This is an emergency temos uma emergência
I need an ambulance preciso uma ambulância
I need a doctor preciso um médico
I need the police chamar a polícia
Heart attack Infarct
I have had / he/she has had a stroke Eu sofrei/ ele/ela sofreou um aneurisma, ataque apopléctico
Very sick muito doente
Unconscious inconsciente
Where is the nearest hospital? Onde e o hospital mais próximo?
Is there a pharmacy near here? Há uma farmácia aqui perto?
Call the fire services Chamar os bombeiros
I have had a car accident Eu teve um acidente de carro
I have been robbed/mugged Eu fui vitimo dum assalto!