Disability Benefits in Portugal

Understand what financial aid is available to people with disabilities through Portuguese Social Security...

The Portuguese Social Security organisation (Segurança Social), has a comprehensive website with details on registration, contributions, and benefits. 

People with disabilities, permanent and temporary, may be entitled to technical aids (ajudas técnicas) including prostheses, wheelchairs, optical aids.

There are special arrangements for sufferers from hereditary paramyloidosis, HIV (AIDS), cancer, and multiple sclerosis. A local Social Security office can supply further details.

Disability Pension

Portuguese Social Security makes Disability Pension (Pensão de Inválidez) payments to people who cannot work through disability or who need care and supervision.

The following conditions have to be met to entitle a person to a disability pension:

  • The disability, either physical or mental, must be of a permanent nature and prevent the person from working
  • Payments must have been made to Portuguese Social Security for at least five years OR the gross monthly income must not be greater than 30 percent of the national minimum salary, or 50 percent in the case of a couple (Social Disability Pension, Pensão Social de Invalidez)

The amount of the pension depends on the number of working years and total contributions to Social Security.

Complementary payment for dependant persons

Complementary payment for dependant persons (Complemento por Dependência) is a special payment available to qualifying people who are dependant on care from others. This is paid to pensioners dependent on assistance.

The legislation categorises the level of dependency in degrees, as follows:

  • First degree: a person who cannot independently carry out actions that are indispensable to satisfy basic, everyday needs without help from other people (such as domestic chores, self-mobility and personal hygiene)
  • Second degree: in addition to the above characteristics, these are people who are confined to their beds or suffer from serious dementia

How to claim

The claim form must be submitted at the Social Security office of the insured person's place of residence. Evidence may be required to substantiate the claim.