Travel and Parking for People with Disabilities

Information on travelling options for people with disabilities in Portugal. Find out how to use 'blue badge' disability parking permits...

All public transport vehicles have specially reserved seats for disabled people, but few have wheelchair spaces.

The Portuguese Train Service, CP (Comboios de Portugal) offers a centralised Integrated Mobility Service (SIM - Serviço Integrado de Mobilidade)

  • SIM - Serviço Integrado de Mobilidade, open: 24 hours a day for 365 days a year
  • Tel: +351 707 210 746 

CP also offers a 75% discount on travel for any disabled person with a disability of 80% or more and a 25% discount for their companion. Proof of disability is required, 

Only parts of the Metro network in Lisbon are accessible to disabled people with mobility problems. There are no stated reductions for disabled customers using the Lisbon Metro. There are however lifts at main stations from the platforms to ground level (60) and 10 moving conveyer belts, while 234 payment machines are adapted for customers with disabilities and visual impairment.

People with visual disabilities can travel with their guide dogs if they are on a leash and muzzled.

All Portuguese airports have specially adapted toilets and wheelchairs and can provide special assistance, by prior arrangement.

The city of Lisbon has an Accessible Tourism Guide for visitors with disabilities or mobility needs.

Driving and the Disabled

Disabled drivers are exempt from paying VAT (IVA) on the purchase of a vehicle. Applications need to be submitted online via the Tax Portal.

The ePortugal website has instructions on the documentation required 

Disabled person's parking card

The blue badge is a standardised European Community disabled person's parking permit which provides parking entitlements to blue badge holders in all complying European countries. A blue badge from one country is valid in another. A person coming to Portugal from another EU country may find it easier to apply in their home country for this universal badge which allows the use of reserved parking.

In Portugal:

  • Disabled spaces in car parks reserved for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair symbol. Do not park if the space is marked with a
    vehicle registration number
  • Some car parks allow vehicles displaying a disabled parking sign to park free of charge
  • There are no concessions for disabled drivers on roadside parking

ePortugal has details on how to apply for a disabled person's parking card 

Driver's with a Blue Badge from another European country can display this Portuguese translation beside the badge (from the UK AA (Automobile Association)

Cartão de estacionamento para pessoas com deficiência.

Este cartão autoriza o portador a

beneficiar das facilidades de

estacionamento no Estado

membro no qual o titular se encontre.

Quando em utilização,

o cartão deve ser colocado no interior

do veículo, no seu vidro

dianteiro, por forma a que fique visível. 


Applying for a Disabled Person's Card

Information for the disabled and application forms for the Disabled Person’s Card (Cartão de Deficiente) are available from Municipal Councils (Câmara Municipal). The following documents will need to be presented:

  • Medical certificate (Atestado Médico)
  • Residency card or proof of residency (Cartão de Residência)
  • Passport or identity card (Passaporte/Bilhete de Identidade)
  • Driving license (Carta de Condução)
  • Two passport-sized photographs