Airline Travel

Understand the regulations if travelling by plane and pregnant...

Many airlines do not accept pregnant passengers after a certain term. The Portuguese airline, TAP Air Portugal, accepts pregnant passengers on flights under the following conditions:

  • Up to the 36th week of pregnancy if:
    • The birth is not expected in the next four weeks
    • The duration of pregnancy and the expected birth date is known
    • The passenger has not previously had twins
    • No complications are expected
  • Between the 36th week and 7 days before the expected birth date, if
    • The passenger has filled in parts 1 and 2 of the medical form
    • She has the authorisation of the medical services of the airline
    • She has signed a declaration
  • In the 7 days before the expected birth date as long as she has fulfilled the above conditions and is accompanied by a doctor or a qualified nurse

It is recommended that neither the mother nor the newborn fly within seven days after birth.