Paying for Utilities with Multibanco

Find out how to pay your service bills...

Multibanco is a domestic payment system that allows users to pay for goods, services, and utilities using ATMs or online banking.

Paying bills through the system of ATM Multibanco machines is easy and instant.

Do the following:

  1. Type in personal PIN number.
  2. Select: Payment of Purchases & Services (Pagamento das Compras e Serviços).
  3. Type in the company's five digit reference number (Entidade) in the MB box on the back of the bill.
  4. Type in the customer reference number (Referência).
  5. Type in the amount (Montante).
  6. Press the Confirmation (Confirmar) button.

The customer will receive a receipt confirming that the amount on the bill was debited from the current account. This should be kept and attached to the bill as proof of payment.