Smoking and Tobacco Law

Information on the Portuguese anti-smoking law of January 2008 concerning smoking in public places: who it affects and the penalties for those who disobey...

Smoking - cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, vape, cigars, and pipes - is banned in indoor public places in Portugal (as of 1 January 2008).

The ban prohibits smoking in all government buildings as well as work places, public transport, hotels, schools and sports facilities, hospitals, museums, food and beverage establishments, covered car parks, theatres, libraries, and bars and restaurants where smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas or venues.

The Assembleia da República ratified the law on 26 August 2015.

The Smoking Regulations

  • Businesses of over 100m² (including bars and restaurants) must clearly designate smoking areas, which may not exceed 30m², and must have adequate ventilation
  • Businesses under 100m² are permitted to choose whether they are a smoking or non-smoking venue; this must be clearly displayed and strictly adhered to. There must be ventilation units in smoking venues
  • The law also restricts where cigarettes are sold. They are not available from public buildings, educational institutions, retirement homes, hospitals and health clinics
  • The legal smoking age is 18 and minors are banned from using cigarette vending machines
  • People who want to stop smoking can receive assistance to do so through the Portuguese National Health Service programme

Fines for Smoking

  • Smokers caught violating the smoking restrictions can be fined between €50 and €750
  • Owners may be fined between €50 and €1,000 for failing to stop customers from smoking in their establishment

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