Sailing and Boating in the Algarve

Details of the marinas in the Algarve and links to local sailing associations...

Below is information on:

Safety at Sea

Emergency numbers
Accidents, Police, Ambulance Tel: 112
Fire emergency Tel: 117
Coast Guard / Sea Rescue (Centro de Busca e Salvamento Maritimo)
Albufeira Tel: 214 401 919
Faro Tel: 289 894 990
Lagos Tel: 282 762 826
Olhão Tel: 289 703 160
Portimão Tel: 282 424 777
Tavira Tel: 281 324 421
Vila Real St António Tel: 281 512 035

It is important to check weather reports before setting out to sail or practise any other water sports as weather conditions can change very rapidly.

Sailing Areas

The Algarve is a popular sailing destination. Every year in February, the region hosts the Algarve International Sailing Tournament at Vilamoura. There are sailing schools, facilities and clubs in Faro, Lagoa, Loulé, Olhão, Portimão, Quartiera, Tavira, Vila Real de Santo António and Vilamoura. Boats can be chartered from several locations along the coast and boat trips are available.

Sailing and Boating Regulations

Procedure on arrival in the Algarve Marinas

On arrival in the Algarve report to the Southern Coast Port Authority (Comando Zona Marítima do Sul) which has marinas and offices in areas including Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão and Vilamoura.

The following documents must be presented at the marina reception office:

  • Vessel documents (as outlined above)
  • Crew passports or identity cards for EU nationals
  • Proof of VAT paid
  • Insurance cover note
  • Details of any crew changes to be made

Reception staff will help complete the necessary forms and distribute them to the Marine Police, SEF and Customs based at the marina.

Foreign visitors may moor in Portuguese waters for up to six months providing they register their vessel with the Port Authority and Customs by filling out a Customs Temporary Import Document for Recreational Vessels (Aduaneira Relativa à Importação para Uso Privado de Aeronaves e Barcos de Recreio). Visitors are subject to the jurisdiction of the maritime authorities and customs.

  • A Sea Ministry (Ministério do Mar) Transit Visa (Livrete de Trânsito) must be filled out and signed
  • The Port Authority agent must stick/stamp an entry visa on to the vessel's Logbook (Livrete de Trânsito), making copies for the relevant authorities
  • Taxes may be due to the Ministério da Defesa Nacional, das Finanças e do Mar via the customs authorities
  • Southern Coast Port Authority (Comando Zona Marítima do Sul)
    At: Rua Comunidade Lusíada- Capitania, 800-308 Faro
    Tel: 289 894 990

Boat tax

The annual rate for the Municipal Recreation Boat Tax (Imposto Municipal sobre Veículos (Barcos de Recreio)) depends on the power of the propulsion (Potencia de Propulsão), the vessel's weight in tonnes (Tonelagem) and its age (Ano).

The taxes can be paid in a number of ways:

  • Through the Ministry of Finance website. Type in the Tax Number (Numero de Contribuinte) and supply the password (Senha) and then in the search box (Pesquisar) type in "IMV".
  • At a Regional Tax Office of the Finance Department (Repartição de Ministério das Finanças), a list of which can be found in the White Pages
  • At Faro Town Council (Câmara Municipal de Faro)
    At: Rua do Município, 8000-398 Faro
    Tel: 289 870 870
    Fax: 289 802 326

Marinas in the Algarve

There are marinas in Albufeira, Lagos, Portimão, Vilamoura, Vila Real de Santo António, Faro and Tavira. The fees for mooring vary according to the marina. When arriving at a marina the boat's captain must make a request for a mooring position (Pedidio de Acolhiment).

A form (Formulario) will need to be filled out and payment must be made for the period of stay (Pagamento da Estadia). Details will include name(s), telephone contact, email, number, flag, port of registry, size, and the number of days anticipated stay.

The contact details for the main marinas are as follows:

  • Marina de Albufeira
    : 289 514 282
  • Marina de Lagos
    : 282 770 210
  • Marina de Portimão
    :282 400 680
    Marina de Vilamoura
    : 289 310 560
    Faro Harbour
    : Apartado 58, 8000 Faro
    Tel: 289 823 434
    Fax: 289 807 604

Sailing and Water Sports Clubs

  • Club de Vela de Lagos (in Portuguese)
    Tel: 282 762 256
  • CIMAV - Club Internacional da Marina de Vilamoura
    : 289 302 536
  • Clube Naútico de Tavira (in Portuguese)
    Tel: 281 326 858
  • Club Naval de Portimão (in Portuguese)
    Tel: 282 417 529
  • Ginásio Clube Naval de Faro (GCNF)
    At: Doca de Faro, 8000 Faro
    Tel: 289 823 434
  • Grupo Naval de Olhão (GNO)
    At: Apartado 146, 8702 Olhão Codex
    Tel: 289 703 519
  • Iate Clube Atlântico (ICA)
    At: Edifício Marina Praia Vilamoura, 8125 Quarteira
    Tel: 289 322 802
  • Clube Náutico do Arade
    At: Mexilhoeira da Carregação, 8400 Lagoa
    Tel: 282 485 929

Further Information

  • Maralgarve (in Portuguese)
  • Immigration Services (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras de Faro)
    At: Rua Luís de Camões n.º 5, 8000-388 Faro
    Tel: 289 805 822
    Fax: 289 801 566
  • Faro Customs (Alfândega de Faro)
    At: Av. da República n.º 4, 8000-079 Faro
    Tel: 289 898 550
    Fax: 289 898 559
  • Southern Coast Port Authority (Comando Zona Marítima do Sul)
    At: Rua Comunidade Lusíada Capitania, 8000-308 Faro
    Tel: 289 894 990
    Fax: 289 894 996
  • Direcção Geral da Autoridade Marítima
    Tel: 213 255 466
    Fax: 213 424 137