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Understand the basics of Portugal's geography, history, economics, politics and people at a glance...

Mainland Portugal is part of the Iberian Peninsula at the south-western edge of Europe. It is bordered by Spain to the north and east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. The country also includes the Madeira island group and the nine islands of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean.

The country has a population of around ten million people, with just under two million living in the capital city of Lisbon and its suburbs. The northern city of Oporto is the second largest in the country. The country's coastal regions are more densely populated than the inland areas.

Portuguese is the official language and is the native language of around 200 million people globally. It is the third most widely spoken European language. It is also spoken in parts of Africa, South America and Asia.

Religious freedom is protected in the country, most of which is Catholic.