Moving Non-EU Pets to Portugal

Find out how to import a pet to Portugal from outside the European Union...

If taking the pet to a country outside the EU consult the Embassy or consulate to check the local regulations.

Pets from countries outside the EU should have Health Certificate 4 or 5 (Certificado Sanitário) issued by the official veterinary authority of the country of origin which proves that the animal has had an anti-rabies vaccine.

Note: Your pet must be microchipped before it is vaccinated against rabies.

An animal entering Portugal from a non-EU country that has the same rabies controls needs:

  • Identification by a microchip in accordance with ISO 11784 or Annex A 11785
  • Valid anti-rabies vaccination
  • For a list of complying countries see the EUROPA website

Animals from countries not included on the list need to have complete anti-rabies treatment in addition to the above. The neutralising antibody titration test is a system that combines vaccination against rabies and serological surveillance. The neutralising antibody titration (at least equal to 0,5 IU/ml) must be performed in an approved laboratory on a sample issued by a vet at least 30 days after the anti-rabies vaccination was given and three months before travel.

The Portuguese Embassy in the home country should be consulted. A vet will be able to manage the process.

Moving Pets to Portugal from the United States or Canada

Animals from the USA and Canada may enter Portugal if they have:

  • A valid Veterinary Certificate (stating owners details, a description of the animal, details of identification and vaccinations)
  • A valid rabies vaccines
  • A microchip (compatible with standards ISO-11784 or Annex A 11785)

The cage or carrier must be labelled with the owner's name, and their (or a nominated person's) address and contact numbers in Portugal.

Once in Portugal, a vet can issue an EU Pet Passport allowing travel within Europe.