Parking, Penalties and Drink Driving

Find out about the rules and regulations relating to parking your vehicle and drink driving in Portugal...

Parking regulations vary depending on the time of day, day of the week or even the month. Towns and cities have different regulations.

  • No Parking signs (Estacionamento Proibido) are often white or blue with a red line across
  • Yellow or red painted signs and lines on the curb also indicate No Parking
  • It is illegal to park on a sidewalk ramp that grants access to property, police have authorisation to tow away the illegally parked vehicle
  • It is illegal to park within 5 metres of a road junction, 25 metres before and 5 metres after a bus stop and within 6 metres of a tram stop
  • Parking offenders risk getting points on their licence for persistently breaking the law
  • Always park facing the same direction as the traffic on one-way streets.
  • Some places require a residents or company parking permit (Cartão de Residente) during work hours between 08:00-18:00
  • Some places require residents parking permits at all times, particularly in residential zones
  • Official parking attendants are normally in uniform

Driving and drinking

The legal blood/alcohol limit for driving when drinking in Portugal is under 0.5g/l (grams of alcohol per litre of blood) for all drivers. Those tested and found with between 0.5 and 0.8g/l face fines of between €250 and €1,250 and licence suspension between one month and one year. Levels between 0.8g/l face fines of €500 to €2,500.

Those found with 1.2g/l or above face up to one year in prison and a three year driving ban.