Car Rental

Information about the procedures for renting a vehicle in Portugal, and what to do if your car breaks down...

A fairly high deposit paid either by cash or by credit card is usually required when renting a car (Aluguer de Automóveis). The deposit is refunded on return of the vehicle.

To rent a car in Portugal the following documents will be needed:

  • Passport (Passaporte)
  • Identity Card (Bilhete de Identidade)
  • Valid Visa Credit Card (Cartão de Credito)
  • Proof of address in Portugal (Hotel/Guest House/Residency Card (Cartão de Rêsidencia)
  • Official document proving: name, date of birth, address and post code
  • Valid driving licence (Carta da Condução)

Breakdown Assistance

The Portuguese equivalent of the AA (Automobile Association) and RAC (Royal Automobile Company) is the ACP (Automóvel Club De Portugal)

  • ACP (Automóvel Club De Portugal)
    Tel: 808 222 222 (24 hours)

Like the counterparts elsewhere in Europe it offers:

  • Breakdown and accident service (Avaria, Choque e Colisão)
  • Help with processing legal documents
  • Insurance (Seguro do Automóvel)
  • Advice on car importation

Note: If a driver who is not living in Portugal has a breakdown or accident and is a member of an automobile association in their own country (such as the AA or RAC in the UK), they may find reciprocal agreements with garages and institutions in Portugal. Check with the association before departure.

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