Importing and Registering Classic Cars in Portugal

Understand the specific regulations and requirements for importing classic cars into Portugal...

Classic cars can be driven freely into Portugal providing they are for personal, temporary use and have the necessary vehicle taxation, insurance, and documentation.

Those wishing to import a classic car permanently into Portugal may drive the car for four days before registering it with the customs (Alfândegas).

  • Vehicle tax (Imposto Automóvel) must be paid for all classic cars
  • Vehicles made before 1960 are taxed at a lower rate

Classic cars brought into Portugal on a permanent basis must meet the following legal requirements:

  • Be classified by the International Classic Car Federation (Fédération Internationale des Véhicule Anciens, FIVA)
  • Have a Classic Car Certificate (Certificado de Automóvel Antigo) from FIVA or ACP
  • Have a Technical Logbook/Manual (Ficha Técnica) from FIVA or other competent organisation
  • Have a colour photograph of the vehicle
  • Have a vehicle Logbook (Livrete) and Owner's Document (Título de Propridade) issued in the name of the owner/driver
  • Have the original and latest commercial purchase receipt (Factura Comercial)
  • Have an Authority to Circulate Document (Guia de Circulação) issued by Customs (Alfândegas)
  • Vehicles from the USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, or the UK must meet European Union homologation approval standards if the vehicle is less than 30 years old

Vehicles over 30 years old are classified as having cultural and historic interest to Portuguese State Heritage and do not need to undergo any kind of homologation adaptations.

As a European Union member state Portugal adheres to the Mutual Recognition Scheme which means that the IMT needs to be sure that any vehicle imported into Portugal is suitable for use on Portuguese roads. The driver/owner must provide documentary evidence from FIVA or the manufacturer of any physical alterations made to the vehicle.

Import duty

A classic vehicle may be imported into Portugal tax-free provided:

  • The vehicle is for private use only
  • The registered owner of the vehicle is imported from another EU country where they have been resident for at least 185 days
  • The vehicle has been used by its registered owner in their former country for at least six months
  • DGV Certificate of Compliance Form Model 9 has been filled out and submitted to the DGV confirming the vehicle has undergone an inspection
  • The owner has submitted a copy of passport, driver's licence, residency (or application), tax details and number, and at least three years' original tax returns
  • A certificate of cancellation of residence issued by the person's consulate

The Portuguese Classic Cars Club (Clube Português de Automóveis Antigos) has a lot of useful information (in Portuguese).

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