Registration and Documents

Understand how to register your imported vehicle in Portugal...

The details of the vehicle's registration are recorded on the DUA (Documento Uníco Automóvel) or "All-in-One Card".  Vehicle registration documents must be carried in the car at all times. Once complete the owner will be issued with an 'O DUA na Carteira' (DUA in the Wallet) a wallet-sized card with the vehicle's registration and ownership information. The DUA is recognised in other European Union countries. 

The Documento Único Automóvel (DUA) can also be saved in the digital wallet of the mobile application.

DUAs - and the registration of new or second-hand vehicles can be done at a local citizen's shop, the IRN (Instituto dos Registos e Notariado), or online via the Automóvel Online platform

Note: most websites and documentation needed for the process are in Portuguese. Staff at the Citizens' Shops (Lojas do Cidadão) can help in English with all matters concerning vehicles and registration.

Getting Portuguese registration (or licence) plates

Application for a change in licence plate is made through the IRN office. A new vehicle registration number (matrícula) is issued. This and the other documents are needed to get the DUA. Number plates must then be made and fitted

A used car that has been imported for personal use may not be sold, loaned to anyone outside the immediate family of the owner, or hired for a year following registration in Portugal. Only one vehicle may be imported tax-free per person every five years.

Registration can also be done online via the Automóvel Online platform. Online registrations benefit from a 15% discount.