Water in Portugal

Understanding the Portuguese water supply system and how to get connected...

Aguas de Portual provides the names and contact information of local water boards in Portugal.

Emergency numbers:

  • Water cuts (Falta de Agua) - Tel: 800 222 425
  • Burst pipes (Roturas) - Tel: 800 201 600

Mains water supply is limited to a fixed, metered amount per household and an annual consumption which exceeds the limit must be paid for. "Outdoors" water (for hosepipe watering) does not require a specific contract except in the case of swimming pools.

Water is usually billed bi-monthly with an estimate. When the meter is read, an adjusted bill is sent (reposição). At this point it is recommended to take the reading to make sure the figures are correct.

  • Meter Reading (Leituras) - Tel: 800 201 101

Getting connected

To arrange to receive water supply, provide the local water company with:

  • Personal details - Passport or Identity Card (Passaporte/Bilhete de Identidade)
  • Tax Number (Número Fiscal de Contribuinte)
  • Residency Card or Proof of Address (Cartão de Residência/Comprovativo de Morada)
  • Telephone Number (Número de Telefone)

Generally, residents of apartments and condominiums pay the water bills as part of their fees, no special arrangements are needed. Portugal is currently working hard to bring its water supply to meet EU standards, however, in some rural areas there is still no mains supply. Alternatives include boreholes and/or a cistern (water tank).