Services and Support for People with Disabilities in Lisbon

The services and facilities available in the area for people with disabilities...

The Municipal Council in Cascais (Câmara Municipal de Cascais) has set up a Commission for Disabled Persons to examine ways of better serving the disabled in the Cascais community. It concentrates on education, employment and accessibility for the disabled in the region.

  • For further information: Click here (in Portuguese)

Oeiras Municipal Council (Câmara Municipal de Oeiras) has set up a service, Oeiras, está La! (Oeiras, Right there!), aimed at the elderly and disabled. Among the services they perform are:

  • Fixing doors and windows/locks
  • Fixing pipes and plumbing
  • Delivering meals-on-wheels, post and medicine
  • Cleaning services
  • Tel: 707 100 800


Town halls have ensured that the main beaches on the Costa de Estoril have areas adapted for the disabled with wheelchair ramps and disabled toilet facilities. These include Cascais, Estoril, Guincho and Praia Grande.