Festivals and Events in Lisbon

The Lisbon region has a full calendar of festivals throughout the year. Here you will find information and a description of the events with links to their websites where available...

As well as the national public holidays in Portugal each region has its own calendar of festivities: fairs (ferias) and pilgrimages (romarias). These festivals showcase traditional dances, processions, firework displays, music, markets and food and drink. Many festivals in Portugal have their origins in ancient tradition and religion, often celebrating saints' days, but also marking the end of harvests or gastronomic and sporting events.

Religious Celebrations

Festas dos Santos Populares: the Feast Days of the Popular Saints are celebrated throughout the city of Lisbon with decorations in the streets.

  • Santo António: The feast of Saint Anthony festival (12 to 13 June) is celebrated throughout Lisbon, notably in the Alfama district and on the Avenida da Liberdade where there is a huge parade. The festival consists of singing and dancing, food and drink with the locals putting up lanterns and streamers in the streets. Fado music can be heard throughout the city and grilled sardines are eaten in huge quantities. During this festival it is a tradition to offer a small pot of basil to loved ones
  • São Pedro: This festival takes place on 29 June and consists of street celebrations with eating, dancing and singing as well as a boat procession sailing along the Tagus River
  • Festa da Senhora da Consolação: This event, in celebration of Portugal's patron saint, takes place throughout September in Sintra, with lively parties and events in the Assafora area

Other Events and Festivals in Lisbon

Festival de Música de Sintra (June and July): The Sintra music festival is made up of a combination of classical music, recitals, concerts and ballet with Portuguese and international performers. The events take place at various locations in the Sintra area including the Palacio Nacional.

Jazz em Agosto (early August): This is a popular, annual jazz festival held in the gardens of the Gulbenkian Centre in Lisbon.

Carnaval (dates vary according to Easter): Carnivals, one of the more important events of the Portuguese festival calendar, are celebrated throughout Portugal during the month of February, with spectacular costumes and floats. The parades, particularly in the Lisbon area and Southern Portugal, are influenced by the Rio de Janeiro carnival. There are traditional celebrations and stalls selling regional delicacies.

Estoril Music Festival: Annual music festival lasts for five weeks and takes place in July and August with a programme of modern jazz as well as classical music and chamber recitals. The festival is attended by musicians from around the world and takes place in various venues in and around Estoril.