Sailing and Boating in Lisbon

Details of the marinas in Greater Lisbon and links to local sailing associations...

Below is information on:

Safety at Sea

Emergency numbers
Police, ambulance, fire Tel: 112
Lisbon Coast Guard/Sea Rescue (Centro de Busca e Salvamento Maritimo) Tel: 214 401 919
Tel: 214 411 646

Sailing Areas

As well as the coastal waters around Lisbon, Cascais and Estoril, Portugal has coastline stretching for nearly 1,000 Km from the Algarve to Viana do Castelo near the borders with Spain. There is plenty for the yachting enthusiast to explore off the mainland, not forgetting the islands of Madeira and the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean for more experienced sailors.

There are a number of places within a day's sail from Lisbon, including Seixal (15 nautical miles) Peniche (22 miles), Sesimbra (16 miles), Sines (46 miles).

Sailing and Boating Regulations

Procedure on arrival in Lisbon

Within 48 hours of arrival in Lisbon report to the Lisbon Port Authority which has marinas and offices at Alcântara, Belém, Bom Sucesso, Expo, Sta. Amaro, Sta. Apolonia and Rocha.

The vessels documents (as outlined above) must be shown to the authorities.

Foreign visitors may moor in Portuguese waters for up to six months providing they register their vessel with the Port Authority and Customs by filling out a Customs Temporary Import Document for Recreational Vessels (Aduaneira Relativa à Importação para Uso Privado de Aeronaves e Barcos de Recreio). Visitors are subject to the jurisdiction of the maritime authorities and customs.

  • A Sea Ministry (Ministério do Mar) Transit Visa (Livrete de Trânsito) must be filled out and signed
  • The Port Authority agent must stick/stamp an entry visa on to the vessel's Logbook (Livrete de Trânsito), making copies for the relevant authorities
  • Taxes may be due to the Ministério da Defesa Nacional, das Finanças e do Mar via the customs authorities

Boat tax

The annual rate for the Municipal Recreation Boat Tax (Imposto Municipal sobre Veículos (Barcos de Recreio)) depends on the power of the propulsion (Potencia de Propulsão), the vessel's weight in tonnes (Tonelagem) and its age (Ano).

The taxes can be paid in a number of ways:

  • Through the Ministry of Finance website. Type in the Tax Number (Numero de Contribuinte) and supply the password (Senha) and then in the search box (Pesquisar) type in "IMV".
  • At a Regional Tax Office of the Finance Department (Repartiçãode Ministério das Finanças), a list of which can be found in the Lisbon White Pages
  • At Lisbon City Council (Câmara Municipal de Lisboa)
    At: Paços do Concelho, Praça do Município, 1100-365 Lisbon
    Tel: 213 227 000

Marinas in Greater Lisbon

There are marinas stretching along the Estoril Riviera from Lisbon to Cascais including Belém and Alcantara. There are fees for mooring that vary according to the marina. When arriving at a marina the boat's captain must make a request for a mooring position (Pedidio de Acolhiment).

A form (Formulario) will need to be filled out and payment must be made for the period of stay (Pagamento da Estadia). Details will include name(s), telephone contact, email, number, flag, port of registry, size, and the number of days anticipated stay.

  • Cascais – House of São Bernardo
    Tel: 214 824 800
    Fax: 214 824 899
  • Doca de Altcantara
    Tel: 213 922 048
  • Doca de Santa Amaro
    Tel: 213 922 011/2
    Fax: 213 922 038
  • Doca do Bom Sucesso, Lisbon
    Tel: 213 013 027

Boat Trips

Boat trips (Passeios de Barco) are available from Lisbon to Cascais for up to 35 passengers. Normally insurance (Seguro) is necessary with safety life jackets obligatory (Colete de Segurança).

The Cascais Naval Club organises boat/sailing trips for groups. Booking must be made four weeks prior to the trip and all trips include Accident Insurance (Cobertos por um Seguro de Acidentes Pessoais) and are run by qualified tutors/trainers (Técnico Qualificado)

  • Cascais Naval Club
    : 214 825 556/79

Further Information