Cascais by Bus

Details and contact information on the local bus system…

Buses are an effective way to get about in Cascais.

General information:

  • Air-conditioning: During the summer months, buses are air-conditioned
  • Reduced mobility friendly: All buses are equipped with access ramps that lower to street level for those with reduced mobility. Assistance dogs for the handicapped are allowed, if accompanied by the person needing such assistance. This is conditional on the dog carrying its 'assist certification shield'. Assist dogs do not need muzzles and the law states there is no additional cost for passengers travelling with carrier boxes or a guide dog
  • Pets: Small pets are allowed if in carrier boxes. Larger pet carrier boxes that may interfere with passengers or cause damage to the bus are not permitted. Dogs, even with muzzles, are not allowed on buses
  • Bikes and baby strollers: Bicycles and baby strollers cannot be transported on buses unless they are the foldup type and when folded do not disturb other passengers or interfere with safety
  • More information on travelling on local buses (in Portuguese)

The central bus terminal in Cascais is underneath Cascais Villa shopping centre (Level 0), between Avenida Marginal and Avenida D. Pedro I, north of the Cascais railway station. From here buses leave for the main tourist destinations such as Guincho Beach, Cabo da Roca and Sintra

  • Cascais Bus Terminal
    At: Avenida Costa Pinto, 2715-311 Cascais
  • Find bus numbers, stops and timetables (in Portuguese). All info is subject to alterations depending on route changes, road works and traffic conditions. 

Popular Bus Routes

The bus routes are identified by specific route numbers/destination indicators shown in the display area, or headsign, mounted on the front of the bus. Although operated by SCOTTURB, different bus services are marketed under separate identities.

All bus stops en route also show the numbers of the buses that stop there.

Giro Cascais Shopping

Giro  (400-Cascais/401-Estoril & Parede) use Cascais Shopping as their base; Entrance/Exit C, Level 0, next to Quatro Patas pet shop. They do not pass by the Cascais central bus terminal.

VIVA cards are not valid on the Giro;  a ticket must be bought from the driver. The Cascais route includes stops at Avenida Nossa Senhora do Rosário, on Avenida Manuel Júlio Carvalho e Costa (next to the bakery) and at the hotel on Avenida das Comunidades Europeias. The service runs every 45 minutes between 09:10 to 00:15. 


These all leave from and return to the central bus terminal in Cascais.

  • 403-Sintra via Cabo da Roca. Note: The buses between 06:25 and 07:45 do not go to Cabo da Roca
  • 405 & 415-Guincho Beach. The Guincho stop is in front of Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho, on the main road that runs next to the sea
  • 417-Cascais/Cascais Shopping/Sintra. At the Sintra bus terminal, take the 434 (Pena circuit) with stops at the Moor's Castle and Pena Palace

Cascais (BusCas)

The BusCas (427) takes a circular route, starting and ending at the Cascais railway station. A popular stop with visitors is next to Telepizza, which is within walking distance of Casa da Guia. There is also a stop near Boca do Inferno. Buses start at 07:30 (weekends and public holidays at 08:50) and stop at 22:10 in summer and 21:20 in winter. During rush hours, buses are more frequent, but generally round trips start every 15 minutes. It does not run on 25th December and 1st January.


Bus tickets can be bought directly from the bus driver en route, from the ticket office at the central terminal or at specific points of sale. 

Prices depend on distances travelled and there are subsidised tariffs for students and pensioners. Children up to 4 years old travel for free. 

Visitors planning extensive bus usage out of Cascais to Sintra and elsewhere, may consider purchasing a day card for €12, or a reusable pre-charge VIVA card. The Giro (Cascais Shopping) does not accept the day card and neither the Giro nor BusCas accept the VIVA card.

There is a mobile app for travelling by bus in Cascais and Sintra. It works as a personal guide, with photos and information and gives users the best routes and ticket prices. It is available in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Mandarin. 


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