Trains and Railways in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Setúbal

All you need to know about trains running in (or to and from) Lisbon...

  • CP (Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses) is the Portuguese national rail train service: A limited English-language website lists prices, a timetable and online trip-planning: CP in English
  • Fertagus is the commuter train which links the two sides of the River Tagus from Lisbon to Setúbal
  • Alfa Pendular is the faster intercity train network operated by CP linking the two major cities Lisbon and Oporto. In 2013 it will be replaced by a high-speed rail service to Oporto, Lisbon and Madrid
  • Regional is the regional train network operated by CP in each of the regions
  • Intra Rail has all the information about travelling by train around the continent

Greater Lisbon Trains: Useful Information

CP Station Finder Website
CP Information and Reservations Tel: 808 208 208
CP booking service (English) Website
CP network map Website

Trains in the Lisbon Region

CP and Fertagus operate a fleet of suburban trains in the Greater Lisbon area to Estoril and Cascais, Sintra and Setúbal.

  • The scenic coastal railway down to Estoril and Cascais departs twice an hour from Cais do Sodré Station (Metro: Cais do Sodré) stopping at stations including: Santos, Bélem, Âlcantara Mar, Caxias, Oeiras, São João de Estoril, Monte Estoril and Cascais
  • Train services to the royal park at Sintra and its palaces generally operate out of Rossio Station (Metro: Rossio/Restauradores)
  • Train services to Setúbal operated by Fertagus depart from stations Roma/Areeiro, Entrecampos & Sete Rios. (Metros: Roma/Entrecampos/Jardim Zoologico)

See information on timetables, routes and destinations on the websites:

  • Fertagus
    At: Travessaia do Tejo, Transportes SA., Estação do Pragal, Porta 23, 2805-333 Almada
    Tel (Call Centre): 707 127 127
    Tel: 211 066 300
    Fax: 211 066 399
  • CP
    At: Calçada do Duque, Nº20, 1249-109 Lisbon
    Tel (Call Centre): 808 208 208
    Tel: 211 023 000
    Fax: 213 473 093

Animals on trains

There are regulations for animals travelling on trains in Portugal.

  • Assistance guide dogs may travel free
  • Animals in carriers may travel for free, but may not take up a seat
  • A half-price ticket is required for animals not in a carrier container
  • An animal must not cause inconvenience to the other passengers and must be in a carrier or muzzled and on a lead
  • Animals are not allowed on the seats

Lisbon Metro

There are four metro lines to take the traveller around Lisbon: Blue Line (Azul), Green Line (Verde), Red Line (Vermelha) and Yellow Line (Amarela). The metro operates from 06:00-01:00. Tickets can be bought from ticket offices in the stations or at machines and must be validated when entering the platforms and when leaving the station.

  • For information about the Lisbon Metro: Click here
  • For a map of the Lisbon metro (Diagrama da Rede): Click here
  • Metropolitano de Lisboa
    : Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo 28, 1069-035 Lisboa
    Tel (Call Centre): 213 500 115
    Tel: 217 980 600
    Fax: 217 980 605

Travel passes

There are a number of travel passes available for the Lisbon Metro. The Lisboa Viva Card (Cartão Lisboa Viva) is a re-loadable pass with microchip that allows travel on the Lisbon Metro and the Carris bus network. The Cartão 7 Colinas is also a re-loadable pass with microchip for less-frequent rail and Metro users. These cards can be applied for at main metro stations: Marques de Pombal, Jardim Zoologico, Campo Pequeno, Entrecampos and Cais do Sodré.

Identity in the form of passport or identity card, along with proof of address, residency card or application for residency card and two passport-sized photos are needed when applying for a travel pass.

  • For information about the Cartão Lisboa Viva: Click here
  • For information about the Cartão 7 Colinas: Click here (in Portuguese)

Bicycles on the Metro

Bicycles may be taken on Lisbon Metro trains on weekends and public holidays and after 20:00 on working days. Only two bicycles are allowed in each carriage.