Toddler Activities and Entertainment in Qatar

Find out about the activities available to parents and their kids in Qatar as well as details on finding a playgroup...

There are a number of expatriate groups and societies in Doha that offer support and social activities to parents (usually mothers) and babies and toddlers. A popular place to start for English-speaking mums is the Doha Mums website. It arranges a range of activities such as coffee mornings for new mothers and new arrivals to Qatar, playgroups and evening social events. It is also a good resource for information relating to parenthood, such as directories of nursery schools and summer camp activities. Other useful forums include Mums in Doha.

Unlike in some countries, it is predominately mothers who have full-time care of young children, rather than fathers, and so the toddler groups tend to be focused on women rather men. This is partly a cultural practice, where mixing of men and women who are not married to each other is not encouraged, and partly because more women come to Qatar on family sponsorship, rather than on work permits.


Toddlers and young children are generally well catered for when it comes to playgrounds, play centres and activities. Doha has several large parks and green spaces which are good outdoor play venues for the cooler winter months, and there is a selection of indoor plays areas that are open year-round. Summer camps for young children are also run in the main school holidays.

Many neighbourhoods have small local play areas, with equipment of varying standards. Large outdoor spaces include Aspire Park, which has a popular play area. Museum Park by Qatar National Museum and Rumeilah Park along the Corniche are other larger central options. Some of the main resort hotels have children's facilities too, as well as swimming pools and beach access (some charge non-residents to use their facilities).

Some of Doha's shopping malls have small indoor play areas for young children. Circusland at Landmark Shopping Mall has a soft play zone; Fun City at City Center Doha and KidzArt at Villaggio Mall are also options for youngsters.

Activity programmes

There are a number of activity programmes aimed at young children and their parents. These include: