Documentation and Requirements for Marriage

Find out about the legal requirements for getting married in Qatar...

For foreign residents, the first step is to contact their country's embassy and find out about the necessary procedures. Most countries require that the couple obtain a certificate to prove that they are free to marry. This involves completing paperwork with the embassy, and in some countries, such as the UK, posting notice of the intended marriage for three weeks in advance. Links to requirements for citizens of the main English-speaking countries are listed below:


As with the process, the documents required by each embassy vary, but paperwork likely to be needed includes:

  • Birth certificates of both parties
  • Passports
  • Any documentation relating to previous marriages (such as divorce decrees)

Once the embassy's procedures have been completed, the couple are usually presented with a certificate of eligibility to marry, such as the British 'Certificate of No Impediment'. A fee is normally charged for this service.

All couples who plan to get married in Qatar have to undergo a pre-marital medical screening to test for genetic compatibility. This procedure was introduced by the Supreme Council of Health as part of a drive to combat the genetic risks caused by the inter-marrying of cousins. Couples can register for the health check online on the Qatar government Hukoomi website.

Government health centre locations where the tests can be carried out are Airport, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Gharafa and West Bay. The results of the tests can take up to three weeks to come through. They do not prohibit a marriage from going ahead, but any potential risks are identified and explained to the couple. A letter stating that the test has been carried out must be obtained and presented to the court or church before the marriage can take place.