Schooling and Education in Qatar

All you need to know about the schooling system in Qatar...

Education in Qatar is overseen by the Supreme Education Council. It is free for all Qatari citizens in state-funded schools, from kindergarten age up to the end of high school. State or public schools are known as independent schools; they are government-funded, but are run on an individual basis. Most of the pupils are Qatari children. Non-Qatari children may be permitted to enrol under special circumstances, at the discretion of the individual school, but unless the child is a native Arabic speaker, on the whole expatriate children tend to go to one of the private international schools in Doha - of which there are several.

Educational standards are generally high in private schools. These are fee-paying, and some employers include an allowance in their packages to cover some or all of the costs. If not, private schooling can be an expensive option.