Types of Schools in Qatar

Information on Qatari state schools, and international or private schools in Qatar...

Independent schools

The curriculum in independent schools is prescribed by the Supreme Education Council. Lessons are taught in Arabic, with English, maths, Islamic Studies and science all compulsory subjects.

The stages of schooling are split as follows:

  • Kindergarten - age 3-6
  • Primary - grades 1-6, ages 6-11
  • Preparatory - grades 7-9, ages 12-14
  • Secondary - grades 10-12, ages 15-18

Private schools

The majority of expatriate children go to private schools. Various international curricula are taught in these schools; the school's choice of curriculum usually reflects that of its affiliated home country. Some schools also teach the International Baccalaureate programme, or follow the Montessori method. The grades in international schools usually relate to the standard grades of the curriculum used.

All private schools are monitored and assessed by a scheme known as the Qatar National School Accreditation system.

  • To find a private or international school in Qatar: Click here
  • The Qatar government Hukoomi website provides a link to a spreadsheet containing the contact details of all the country's international and independent schools: Click here

School fees

All private and international schools are fee paying and policies and prices vary. Other costs, such as application, deposits and registration fees, re-enrolment fees, uniforms, transport and school equipment, should also be factored in. Some employers may cover part, but not all, of the fees.

Company schools

Some major energy companies, who employ workers living in compounds outside Doha, have their own dedicated schools for employees' families. One such school is the Al Khor International School, which is part of the RasGas/Qatar Gas community of Al Khor.