Funerals in Qatar

Information on the burial options available in Qatar, as well as how to arrange repatriation...

Cremation is not allowed in Qatar and there are no undertakers. Families take responsibility for all funeral arrangements, including digging the grave.

Muslim burials

Muslims burials can take place locally at a number of Islamic cemeteries. The family is responsible for all funeral and burial arrangements. However, before a Muslim burial can take place, it is necessary to:

  • Obtain a "Notification of Death" certificate
  • Inform the local police when and where the burial will take place

Most costs for Muslim burials are covered by the Qatari government, only the coffin and funeral attire is paid for by the families.

Non-Muslim burials

All non-Muslim burials take place in Dukhan Cemetery, located about 90 Km outside of Doha. The grave site and transportation of the body is provided free of charge by the Qatari government.


If the deceased was employed in Qatar, it is the responsibility of the employer to cover costs for repatriation of the body in accordance with the family's wishes. However, families must cover the cost of repatriation of non-Qataris who were not employed locally. Getting all the required documentation for repatriation and making the necessary arrangements usually takes about one week.

The mortuary can provide transportation to the cemetery or Doha International Airport.

Multiple copies of the deceased's passport, of the passport of the spouse and of the person making the burial or repatriation arrangements are generally required.