Government-funded Healthcare

Find out about the government health facilities and how to get a Health Card in Qatar...

To access the majority of subsidised or free treatments available at government health facilities in Qatar, it is necessary to present a Health Card. Acquiring a Health Card is not mandatory, but emergency treatment is generally free to Health Card holders, and non-emergency consultations are subsidised. Health Card holders are also entitled to subsidised prescriptions at government pharmacies.

How to obtain a Health Card

To obtain a Health Card, expatriates must provide the following:

  • Copies of passport and Residence Permit
  • Copies of Qatar ID
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • A fee

These should be taken to the Rumailah Hospital, or alternatively to any HMC clinic. The card takes two to three weeks to process, and can be collected from the hospital, or delivered for an additional fee. A medical file is also opened for the holder, and kept at their nearest government health centre. Employers often undertake to carry out the above procedures on behalf of the employee.

Cards last for the same number of years as the holder's Residency Permit, and can be renewed online on the Qatar government Hukoomi website.

Government health facilities

The HMC is responsible for the network of publicly funded hospitals and health centres in Qatar. Most are located in Doha, while some are found outside the capital. Holders of a valid Health Card can access the services of these institutions at no cost or at a subsidised rate. Appointments with public health service doctors are given between 24 and 72 hours if requesting an appointment by telephone; patients can also go to a health centre in person and request an appointment.

The main government hospitals, their specialities and their contact details are listed on the Hukoomi website, while the HMC website has more information on individual hospitals. The five main government hospitals are:

There are a number of Primary Health Care Centres located throughout the country, also administered by HMC. A list of these can be found on the Hukoomi website. They act as localised centres for a range of medical services, from standard consultations to specialist clinics, with walk-in appointments often available.