Maternity Rights

Information on labour law in Qatar and how much maternity leave a women is entitled to...

Female foreign nationals employed in Qatar are entitled by law to 50 days' paid maternity leave, provided they have worked for the company for a full year. The Labour Law states that up to 15 days of the leave can be taken before the birth, but at least 35 days must be taken after the birth before returning to work. Any extended time required can be taken as unpaid leave, or out of annual leave, but agreement should be reached with the employer.

These are the legal requirements, but some companies may offer longer maternity leave options. A medical certificate from the woman's doctor stating the expected date of delivery must be supplied to the employer to validate the leave.

New mothers are also entitled to an hour's 'nursing time' each working day for the first year of the baby's life, which can be taken at the time of the mother's choosing. Employers are not allowed to terminate the employment of women while they are on maternity leave.

A copy of the Labour Law can be accessed and downloaded from the Hukoomi website in the Employment and Workplace section.