The Buying Process

Understand the property buying process in Qatar, and how to avoid some common pitfalls...

Just as the property market in Doha is still at an early stage, so too is the estate agency business in the country. Some properties are advertised through estate agents, and a good agent should be able to assist with a search for a specific type of property – but the industry is not yet regulated, so it is best to ask around for recommendations from colleagues and check Internet forums before proceeding with an agent.

In the case of big projects such as the Pearl, it is possible to buy direct from the developer. Either method is likely to involve some kind of fee for a completed purchase, so it is important to be clear on the costs involved, and to obtain a written quote if possible.

Private sales are less common due to the absence of an established secondary sales market.

Buying off-plan

Buying off-plan (purchasing a unit in an apartment block before it has been built) is common in Qatar. While this may be cheaper than buying a completed property, it also carries risks – for example, the project may be delayed (or never completed), or the plans may change after purchase.