Mail and Postal Services in Qatar

Information about how to send letters and parcels, and the various postal services available in Qatar…


Stamps are available over the counter at all post offices as well as at other outlets such as the Hyatt Shopping Centre in Doha (at the information desk).

  • To check mailing rates for international post: Click here

Post boxes

Q-Post has over 200 street letter posting boxes, across 48 districts in Qatar. Letters are collected from the boxes at 08:00 and 16:00.

Sending Mail and Parcels

Different rates apply for sending domestic and international mail.

Domestic mail

Local rates for standard mail postings depend on the weight of the item.

  • For information about rates for standard class local mail: Click here

Special services are also available, such as local and international registration, advice on delivery, express delivery, aerogrammes and international reply coupons. Additional charges apply for these services.

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International mail

Standard postage for international mail also depends on the weight of the item being sent. Airmail rates, surface mail rates and parcel rates apply.

  • For details about the different international postage rates: Click here (select the postal service and select the appropriate country from the drop down menu)

Track and Trace

A track and trace service is available for both domestic and international mail. This service includes a number of options for tracking mail including registered mail, parcels, EMS, Gulf-Ex and Q-PP.

  • For more information about the track and trace service: Click here

EMS (express mail service)

The EMS service offers secure and fast delivery of international post and is available at the main post office or the main EMS office.

  • For more information about this service including rates: Click here

Q-Post Premium Process (QPP)

This is a local service, which offers speedy delivery of items from door to door. It is used for important documents, which are tracked, and the sender receives notification once the item has been delivered.

Sending parcels

Both domestic and international parcel post is handled by Q-Post. International parcels may be sent by Air Mail Service or SAL Service (Surface Air Lifted). Different rates apply for these services.

Special services are also available for parcels including express, storage, notification of delivery, enquiry and change of address. Additional charges apply for sending parcels using these services.

  • For further information and postage rates for sending parcels: Click here

Receiving Letters and Parcels

All post is delivered to PO Boxes. It is possible to check whether mail has been delivered to the PO Box using an online service, PostBox Online.

There is also an online Check Mail service for customers to check if any parcels, EMS or registered mail are ready for collection.

  • For information about the Check Mail service: Click here
  • For information on parcels waiting for collection: Click here

Additional Post Office Services

Q-Post also offers the following services:

  • Health card renewal: This service is available at the main post office in Doha. Applications must include the application form, ID, two passport sized photos, health card number and the fee
  • Renewed driving licence delivery
  • Khazaz Service: A service which enables mail to be delivered to a PO Box at a fixed time every day (Monday to Saturday)
  • For more information about these services: Click here