Finding a Rental Property in Qatar

How to go about finding a house, villa or apartment to rent in Qatar...

There are three main options for finding a property to rent:

  1. Using an estate agent
  2. Renting privately
  3. Employee’s company finds accommodation

Using an estate agent

Prospective renters can use an estate agent to search for apartments or villas. As well as helping with the property search, the agent often acts as a link between the landlord and tenant and deals with the contract and other administrative matters, for a fee of about five percent of the yearly rent, payable by the renter.

Renting privately

Renting privately, without using an agent, is another option. Advertisements for private rentals can be found in newspaper classifieds and on local forums and websites. This method avoids the agent fee, but it means that the tenant has to deal directly with the landlord.

English-language newspapers featuring classifieds for property include the Gulf Times and The Peninsula.

Another method of sourcing accommodation without using an agent is to target a specific area, development, apartment block or villa compound and make enquiries through the management or residents about any upcoming vacancies.

Employee’s company finds accommodation

The third way of finding accommodation is through an employee’s company. Some bigger firms and institutions like schools that employ large number of foreign employees, have villa compounds or blocks of accommodation available to staff.

Rental properties are generally unfurnished, although some newer apartment blocks may come with modern kitchen fixtures and fittings, and some come fully furnished.

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