Bottled Gas

Find out how to get bottled gas delivered to your home in Qatar...

Qatar does not have a mainline gas network. Gas for cooking is supplied in canisters, and is delivered by specialist companies in a similar way to bottled water. Different firms refill cylinders in different areas, so it is advisable to speak to neighbours or security officials to be added to the local supplier’s list.

Woqod is the producer and overall distributor of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in Qatar.

Cylinders can also be bought at supermarkets and at Woqod petrol stations.

Woqod has introduced a new transparent gas cylinder called Shafaf, which the company claims is safer than the old steel cylinders that are being phased out.

There is an initial fee to be paid for the Shafaf cylinder, the customer then pays for each refill.

Larger, permanent gas storage tanks are available from Woqod for businesses and other heavy users of gas.