Electricity and Water

Find out how to get connected to the electricity and water supply in Qatar...

The Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation administers both the electricity and water services in the country, and is the sole provider of these utilities.

To connect to both services, an application form has to be filled out.

The following documents need to be taken to a Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation service centre:

  • Completed application form signed by the applicant’s sponsor
  • Copy of Qatar ID
  • Copy of the sponsor’s ID
  • Utilities reference number (which is usually found on the front door frame of apartments, or the electricity box in the property grounds)
  • Copy of rental agreement or lease
  • Deposit of QR 2,000 (QR 1,200 for electricity and QR 800 for water)
  • Contact address and phone number
  • Current meter readings, if known

Both service connections are processed at the same time. It can take at least 48 hours for services to be connected.

  • To find a list of addresses, contact numbers and opening hours of service centres: Click here

Service Centres are open Sunday to Thursday, 06:30 to 14:30, and some are also open on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Paying Utility Bills

At first, electricity and water usage are estimated; checking these readings against the actual meter readings is advised to find out whether estimates are correct. The difference in estimates is made up after about six months when bills are aligned to meter readings.

Bills are issued monthly by post, or can be issued online or via SMS, but users must register first to activate their online account and select a preference.

Bills can be either be paid online or by telephone using credit cards issued by Qatari banks, but not international credit cards.

  • To pay online: Click here. Enter a Qatar ID number, an electricity number and a QGEWC customer number
  • To pay by phone, Tel: 991 with the above details ready

Alternatively, the monthly bill can be paid in person at a customer service centre.

  • To find a list of addresses, contact numbers and opening hours of service centres: Click here

Customers can also pay over the counter at any Qatar bank or QPost branch. Take the bill and a Qatar ID number, an electricity number and a QGEWC customer number to complete the transaction.

  • To find a guide to tariffs for different types of property and accounts: Click here

Utility bills are generally higher in the summer months due to the increased use of air conditioning.

Disconnecting Services

When tenants leave a property, they are required to disconnect the electricity and water services to avoid a possible financial penalty.

A form needs to be filled out and taken with a copy of the applicant’s Qatar ID and electricity number to a service centre. The final meter readings should also be noted on the form. The remaining balance on the account must be settled for the service to be disconnected.

A Clearance Certificate is issued confirming the disconnection, and the deposit refunded.

Bottled Water

Water in Qatar is safe to drink, although bottled water is popular. Large water-cooler sized bottles that fit into dispensers can be delivered by specialist companies.

Books of tokens can be bought, which are left in exchange for bottles on the company’s allotted delivery day. Prices range from approximately QR 7 to QR 10 per bottle. Many supermarkets and convenience stores also deliver locally.

Dispensers can be bought from larger hypermarkets and electrical stores. Cheaper hand pumps that do not refrigerate water can be purchased to attach to the top of bottles.