Getting Online: Internet in Qatar

Find out about the Internet options available to you in Qatar...

Ooredoo (formerly QTel) and Vodafone are the biggest providers of home Internet connection in Qatar. The two companies work with government-owned Qatar National Broadband Network to deploy fibre cabling across Qatar, enabling extremely high-speed internet and eliminating the need for a fixed-line phone.

Ooredoo publishes an updated map of fibre-optic Internet in Qatar.

Connecting at home

Various broadband packages are available on the company's websites, usually bundled to include voice (either fixed-line or VoIP), internet and cable TV.

A Residence Permit or Qatar ID should be shown to the engineer who comes to carry out the installation. Next-day installation is available, and an installation fee is sometimes charged.

If a landline service is required as well, Qatar ID and Residence Permit should be taken to an Ooredoo shop or dealer. An application form must be filled out, and the household's electricity account number and the Ooredoo (Qtel) number (usually on a plaque on or near the apartment or villa's front door) must be provided.

Mobile Internet

Both Ooredoo and Vodafone offer mobile data packages although like most other countries in the world there are data limits. Packages start at 100MB per month and range up to 60GB or more for heavier users.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are increasing in number and many bars, cafes, libraries, restaurants and airports have free Wi-Fi.

Mobile devices are usually able to double as a modem, creating a hotspot for up to five simultaneous users.