Getting Connected to Landlines in Qatar

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Qatar...

Useful Numbers
To call internationally from Qatar
Dial 00 followed by the country code, then the telephone number
Exit code
00 + country code + telephone number
To call internationally to Qatar 00 974 + Qatar number
Directory services Tel: 180
Qtel customer services Tel: 4440 0440
Vodafone customer services Tel: 800 7111
To check balance on mobile telephone Dial *100#. An SMS with the balance is sent
To activate a charge card Dial *100#, select activate scratch card. Enter the serial number on the card

Landline Telephones

Landline services in Qatar are provided by Qtel, the country’s dominant telecommunications provider.

Getting connected

Applications for landline telephone services can be started online or at a Qtel store.

  • To get a landline service connected: Click here and select Getting Started

An application form can be downloaded from this page. The form must be taken into an official Qtel shop or dealer. The forms are also available in the stores. The same form details options for signing up for broadband, mobile and TV packages, which can all be applied for simultaneously.


Along with the completed form, applicants need to bring their residence permit and Qatar ID, and have bank details available to set up direct debit payments, if they wish to do so.


There are different tariffs and packages available, but all local calls are free. On the standard landline package, a one-off connection fee and then monthly fees apply. Bills are sent out monthly by post, and can also be checked by calling 111 (from a Qtel landline or mobile), or through the Qtel website. Payments can be made at a Qtel shop, via direct debit or online using a credit card.

Having a new line installed

Most modern apartments and properties do not require the installation of a new line, but some older properties may need additional wiring or sockets. Qtel should advise if this is necessary, but the work needs to be carried out by an independent contractor.

  • For a list of approved companies: Click here (PDF)

Calling cards

Telephone cards that can be used to make calls from landlines and mobiles are also available from Qtel, as is the Dawli International Card, which offers low rates on calls to overseas countries.